Our Roadmap.

Sonic Inu token's roadmap outlines our strategic vision and key milestones for the project's development and growth. It is a dynamic and evolving plan that demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Here are the key phases of our roadmap:
First Phase
Second Phase
Third Phase
Forth Phase
✓ Developing project's concept, logo, and tokenomics.
✓ Building an online community on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram.
✓ Initiating marketing campaigns to attract potential investors.
✓ Hosting AMAs to engage with the community.
○ Pinksale Fairlaunch.
○ UniSwap launch.
○ + 1.000 Holders
○ Initiating Marketing campaigns Phase #2.
○ Creating partnerships with other meme-based projects.
○ Additional revenue streams to generate additional income for token holders.
○ CMC & CG Listing
○ Improving & releasing new NFTs into Sonic Inu NFT Marketplace.
○ CEX Platforms listing.
○ + 5,000 Holders.
○ Initiating Marketing campaigns phase #3.
○ Creating many partnerships to expand the project
○ Develop a P2E Game based on Sonic INU Token.
○ Sonic Inu Dashboard.
○ Expanding the project to new markets and demographics through targeted marketing efforts.
○ Developing additional revenue streams or partnerships to generate additional income for the project.
○ + 10,000 Holders.
○ Developing and launching Sonic Swapping widget.
○ Initiating Sonic Staking.
○ Launching Sonic DAPP.
○ Launching Sonic Wallet.
○ Launching Sonic Snipper TG bot.
○ Launching Sonic Shop.
○ Launching Sonic AI Website.
○ Sonic Inu Visa card.
○ Developing and launching Sonic Chain.
○ Launching SonicScan (Explorer).
○ + 20,000 Holders.
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